Carroll&McDowell circus has gone to Russia


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My favourite duo, Scott Carroll and Josh McDowell, is still around; this time, they went to Russia pretending as usual to be manuscript experts. Incredible as it may seem, there are people happy to join their show. The Larsons are still gifting Torah scrolls to Christian colleges, in Russia too, in order to save money on their tax-returns, etc. etc. In short, the circus is flourishing, despite the fiasco with the Green family and their Museum.

I do not understand how it is possible for the duo to be free to deliver their performances after what we have learnt. Perhaps I just have to accept that culture, integrity and  world cultural heritage protection are not political or police enforcement priorities, unless terrorism and war are openly involved, as in that case they produce good cash in terms of media exposure and electoral votes. But the circle of exploitation, looting and violence in order to obtain papyri, cartonnage and other Egyptian antiquities starts with irresponsible collectors, including these two tricksters, buying unprovenanced and possibly/probably illegal and forged material.

Please do not pay the ticket for the Carroll&McDowell circus and do not expose your students to it.

3 thoughts on “Carroll&McDowell circus has gone to Russia

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  2. Dr. Mazza
    A friend messaged me something interesting re: everyone’s favorite scum bag, Scott Carroll.
    I’m sorry I can’t put Dr in front of his name

    > So, I’ve continued trying to get the Form 990 for Scott Carroll’s Inspired Exhibit. Mid-2020, Denise Carroll told me that “the accounting firm filed an extension,” so it wasn’t ready yet. That’s not really uncommon. I followed up again today with another request.

    However, when looking at the Inspired Exhibit website, I noticed they were still soliciting donations. Most, if not all, states require you to register to solicit charitable donations in their states, so I checked with Michigan. Turns out, Inspired Exhibit is not registered to solicit charitable donations in Michigan.

    I don’t know where their other donations have come from, but I’d bet they haven’t registered in other states, as well.

    >It appears that Manuscript Research Group and Inspired Exhibit have THE SAME EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBER.

    Here is MRGs EIN: 46-0842338

    Here is IEs EIN: 46-0842338

    They are the same organization. And MRG isn’t registered to solicit charitable contributions in Michigan, either.

    I see in a couple places online that Inspired Exhibit is “an initiative of Manuscript Research Group,” so…

    A) why do they present them as separate organizations? (e.g., “In addition to his work with Inspired Exhibit, Dr. Carroll serves as Director and Sr. Research Scholar at Manuscript Research Group…”)

    B) Why would Denise Carroll lie about IE’s revenue and 990?

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