Faith after the Pharaohs: Christianity and the Rylands Gospel of Mary

Our Gospel of Mary (P.Ryl. 3 463) is currently on loan to the British Museum exhibit Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs. In the video below you can listen at me talking about the importance of papyrus findings for the understanding of early Christianity (or better: early Christianities), and above all you can see the fragment itself as recently restored by the excellent John Rylands Library conservation department.

I have written about this fragment offering my own translation in a previous post.

3 thoughts on “Faith after the Pharaohs: Christianity and the Rylands Gospel of Mary

  1. Though the “Jesus Wife fragment [formerly: gospel]” has been (properly) discussed in detail in relation to the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary is, of course, important to compare. The fragment owner, who asked to remain anonymous, had already read Prof. King’s 2003 book The Gospel of Mary of Magdala before he emailed her (according to Harvard Magazine). Also, (according to Smithsonian Magazine) the owner described the fragment as “a Gnostic gospel that appeared to contain an ‘argument’ between Jesus and a disciple about Magdalene.”

    • Are you implying I am the owner of the Jesus Wife fragment?!? I am bit confused by your comment, I guess you refer to my old post maybe? It was written well before we got to know more about the Jesus Wife drama… 😉

  2. No, I am certainly not implying that you are the owner of the Jesus Wife fragment. The anonymous owner reportedly is a man. More importantly, I think that various scholars have shown that it is a modern, probably 21st-century (perhaps 2009 or 2010), fake, based on borrowings of text mostly from Gospel of Thomas and a scenario mostly from Gospel of Mary.

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