Blessed Nubia

‘Egyptian culture is very oral, many stories are told but never written down, fixed in print. For me Nubia is motherland, a place resounding of women voices recounting stories, again and again, often the same with details added or changed…’ Fathi Hassan

Blessed Nubia is part of Faces&Voices.

I died in Hawara

Working in conjunction with Faces&Voices and Constantine’s Dream, pupils from Thomas Whitham Sixth Form College, Burnley, have been exploring issues of identity and multiculturalism through the papyri and mummy portraits in the Faces&Voices Exhibition. The students have each made podcasts from the point of view of a mummy portrait.

This is the result!

The Ancient Voices Project

The Ancient Voices Project encompasses a number of academic and public engagement projects in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Manchester investigating identity, culture and religion in the ancient and modern worlds.

We believe the ancient world has a lot to teach us about the present day and that the ancient world can be used as a ‘safe space’ for confronting difficult subjects that are fundamental to our society today.

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